Earth Week = Gratitude

Avatarwp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-96 photo by Jackie Darkazalli

Ever wonder what you can do to help protect and preserve the planet we call home? At WMG we came together to ask what we can do to be kinder as a society to Mother Earth.  

Our #EarthWeek2021 kicked off with a virtual team meeting to discuss how we can contribute through sustainable building practices and how we as individuals can personally give back to the preservation efforts.  

We’ve assembled 4 tips on how you can become your own eco-warrior!  

Now it’s time to put thought into action. Team members from Florida to Missouri got out to appreciate and protect nature. From a nice long hike to conservation education and picking up debris in a local park we want to continue to pitch in and do our part! 

We challenge you to stay informed and pitch in however you can. No effort is too small!  

To learn more about how can continue to help visit 

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