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Curtis Frost by Curtis Frost - Executive VP of Investments & Operations

Our real estate development goals for 2019 and beyond may be considered quite lofty by some!  When you are partnered with Heartland Dental, the Nation’s largest and fastest growing dental support organization, big goals keep you relevant.  The question is, how do you actually achieve big goals?  Many times, they can seem intimidating, elusive, or perhaps a bit flamboyant.

Any entrepreneur who has achieved great things started with a strong vision, set lofty goals, and had to have a good recipe for success.  In addition, many talented and dedicated team members worked hard each and every day to chip away and achieve what they set out to do.

At WMG Development we have tasked ourselves with high entrepreneurial minded goals.  As a team, we gathered a few months ago in our annual goals and strategy meeting, in part, to identify the process by which we will tackle these goals.  The usual goal-planning concepts were used and then a question was posed, how are we going to get all this done?  Answer: Beaver-Chipping

Several years ago, Dr. Gerald Bell introduced us to the concept of Beaver-Chipping as way of approaching these big goals, goals that on the outset seem very overwhelming. .  One beaver can fell an enormous tree overnight and build a dam in as little as a week.  With special knowledge and skills we can accomplish amazing things. For 2019, we will be working hard to achieve our goals and we will begin “Beaver-Chipping” our way to future accomplishments.

Remember, if your New Year’s resolution is starting to seem a bit intimidating or elusive think about taking small steps to Beaver-Chip your way to success!  I may not have gone on a morning run yet this week but I did put my running shoes next to my bed.   #beaverchipping

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