WMG Goes The Distance

Avatarwp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-96 photo by Jackie Darkazalli

What could be better than the sound of your feet pounding the pavement while rocking out to your anthem? Feel the satisfaction of being breathless with a sense of accomplishmentTake the time to build camaraderie through running and create a sense of community towards a common goal.  

Run The Edge was founded by a former Olympian and a fellow educator after writing the bestselling book Running The EdgeThe mix of personal stories, running advice, and motivation to push your own potential inspired a virtual fitness platform.  

As a continued commitment to mental and physical wellness, our team accepted the challenge and joined Run The Year. During this virtual event, the goal is to run 2,021 miles by December 31st. For a little friendly competition (we can’t help ourselves) WMG gathered 4 teams to each reach this milestone. So far, the 4 teams have logged over 1,310 miles! That’s like running from Orlando, FL all the way to Milwaukee, WI. How far can we go?  

The virtual event gives us an opportunity to work towards a common goal while sharing stories along the road to the end of 2021. How about run in  13 degrees in Minnesota or squirrel chasing down tree-lined boardwalks with furry running buddy? This challenge not only serves as a way for us to stay connected as a team, it inspires everyone to keep going and never give up!

It’s not too late you can join us too! Check out https://runtheedge.com/pages/run-the-year for registration. Will you dare to go the distance?