Craig Kopko Gives Insight to Crittenden Retail Report

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The Crittenden Report is the primary source of real estate finance, investing, and retail news in America. Our very own Craig Kopko, EVP of Development, was featured as a Board of Advisors member in this month’s Retail Tenants Report, sharing what retail tenancy trends he is looking forward to in 2024.

“We will see a continuation of retail brick-and-mortar locations opening this year, specifically for those retailers that had sales bounce back quickly post-pandemic or were fortunate enough to see high sales growth through the pandemic.”

“We are also seeing the return of big-box discount retailers like Walmart and Costco, and sporting goods stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Academy Sports. Some of these retailers haven’t expanded with as much velocity since the Great Recession. The byproduct of the large format retailer growth is increased opportunities for smaller users to go to the inline or outparcel spaces created by these developments, fueling the growth of banks, QSR, retail medical and sit-down restaurants.”

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This feature was originally published by Crittenden’s Retail Tenants Report and authored by Linda Frabl on Jan. 11, 2024.